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Where we work


In London

In 2010, Ebony Ambassador started its activities in London in line with the organization mission to empower the next generation and generation to come through skills transfer and cultural diversity projects, we developed a range of activities which we deliver within targeted communities. These activities include facilitating confidence building workshops/seminars, cultural exhibition, summer craft classes, networking & fundraising event, signposting, create volunteering & mentoring opportunities and skills empowerment workshops. The skills works are hair braiding, sewing, Knitting, baking, rhinestone embellishment, beading, and makeup. In 2016 we started Miss E.B.O.N.Y Ambassador Beauty and creativity Pageant now Miss E.B.O.N.Y Ambassador Creativity Contest. This contest promotes skills acquisition/ empowerment, global cultural awareness, community spirit, philanthropy, and youth-led/centered projects in the United Kingdom and Africa. In 2019 we introduced an award ceremony to Miss E.B.O.N.Y

Contest called Ebony Ambassadors African Youth Empowerment Award (EAAYE Award) with the mission to identify and recognize African leaders for their efforts in developing their constituencies vis a vis capacity building among youth as African leaders of tomorrow who are prepared to take over leadership roles in their respective life endeavors.

Our projects in London have been sponsored by the Big Lottery Fund, Worldremit, Young Barnet Fundation Space2grow fund, Tescobagofhelp, Morrison, Diwis Creation, J Elegance Foundation, and ASDA.


In Bradford

In 2019 we started our work in Bradford. This kicks off with facilitating skill empowerment workshop, craft party as well as organizing community event such as Community get together (The Big launch) and mental resilience workshop. The skills workshops are hair braiding, sewing, Knitting, baking, rhinestone embellishment, beading, and makeup. The Big lunch event features music, games, craft sessions, food, drinks and raffle.
Our projects in Bradford has been sponsored by People can make a difference, chapel of Grace, Nnagbo production, ABC small grant, Morrison, Tesco, Asda, and Arnold Clark community fund.


In Birmingham

In 2020 the pandemic year we statted working in Birmingham through community outreach. This outreach was food supply to the BAME community and online mental resilience workshop which has been sponsored twice by the big lottery fund. This project is currently on going due the positive impact in 2021. The mental resilience workshops covered topics like The calming effects of Skills acquisition, Your image your mind, social media and emotional balance, Your story your reality, Fun day, The art and culture of self development, Your network your net worth, sustaining micro, small & medium enterprises and Speech and prize giving day.

Our project in Birmingham has been sponsored by National Lottery Community Fund, Near Niegbhourhood and Tescobagofhelp.


In Africa

Our work in Africa started in 2017 through the reigning Queen of Miss E.B.O.N.Y Contest. It is mandatory for the winner of the contest to embark on a charity mission to Africa as part of her pet project. We organize a fundraising event to support the mission. We have worked in Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone. Our activities in these countries are solely on community outreach which includes food supply to internally displaced people in Borno state, Nigeria. food supply and toiletries (Rice, beans, noodles, oil, washing up powder and tissue) to motherless babies/orphanages homes, Hospital visit to hand out babies essential (Pampers, baby soap, Cotton buds, wipes, baby lotion, baby oil, baby powder and cloths) to new mums, Visit to local Schools where we donated stationeries (books, pencil, erasers, sharpeners and rulers) as well as give motivational talks at school assembly and organized Skills empowerment workshops on Hair braiding, sewing and beading. We are currently working in Nigerian under our newly registered charity called Ebony Global Empowerment Initiative.

Our projects in Africa (Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone) has been sponsored by families and friends of all our Miss E.B.O.N.Y Contest reigning Queen and lovers of Ebony Ambassadors UK through different fundraising events.

EAAYE Awards

Excitement in the Air!

The Confirmed Venue for the 7th edition of Miss E.B.O.N.Y Ambassador UK Grandfinale/ Award Ceremony taking place 16th of July is London Hilton Docklands.